Soleco Habitat Mission Statement
Our purpose in constructing this home is to demonstrate that the technology available today is capable of minimizing our "Ecological Footprint". To use only non poluting renewable energy for heat and electrical power needs. To withdraw a minimum of fresh water from the aquifer and to cleanse and reuse the effluent. To minimize the refuse we produce, both septage and other bio-degradables. To produce much of our own food, including protein sources. To demonstrate a maximized life style with the minimum of polution.
Soleco Habitat facility is commited to further teach persons by example:
  • Permagronomy - practices in "permaculture and good earth tending"
  • Solar Heating - holding classes to understand the principle of Soleco
  • Photovoltaics - offer classes on the basics of solar electricity systems
  • In situ Septage - programs on human waster composting and greywater
  • Waste Water Recycling - the need to understand our aquifer and our impact

A little bit about Nathan himself:

Born August 17, 1941 in Buffalo, NY to working class parents, George Nathan Jefferson, Jr. is a product of public schools with advanced training in aeronautics. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan.

Nathan has had myriad work experiences, including modernizing the paint booth operation at a major truck production facility; heading a team working on the leading-wing assemby for the C-5A transport plane; owning and operating a high-pressure water jetting company, where he obtained high-level security clearance; and inventing and marketing an innovative, non-polluting method of treating water. Nathan currently directs his efforts to sustaining and improving Earth.

Nathan has been married to the same woman for 40 years, is the father of Royce, who inherited and expanded the water jetting company, and is, best of all, Grampa to Gavin and Shelby.